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Internship & Fellowship Opportunities

Photography Internship

SOMArts’ internship program is ongoing and we review applications throughout the year. All internships are unpaid, however, this is a great way to develop skills that will help you succeed in the nonprofit field or in any work where creativity, problem solving and experience working in a diverse cultural environment is valued.

“As a California College of the Arts student preparing to graduate, my experience interning at SOMArts will help me out in a number of ways. Of course, I’ve gained practical knowledge about self-promotion and community outreach. But on a deeper level, I’ve learned to always keep my mind open to all cultures, communities, and practices. In art school, it’s easy to label yourself after your major: illustrator, fine artist, designer, whatever. It’s easy to get stuck in our own little bubbles, and I am definitely guilty of that. But in the end, we’re all artists we all have a responsibility to keep ourselves informed about the world outside of our community. SOMArts taught me to prepare for this cycle of continuous learning and discovery.” — Michelle Lagasca, 2014