Board & Staff

SOMArts staff August 2015 by Meike Gugel

SOMArts Staff


Administrative Staff:

Maria JensonExecutive Director bio

Debra BokFiscal Sponsorship & Administrative Office Manager bio

Sarah PritchardDirector of Communications & Strategy bio

LaVette VirdenFinance Manager bio

Evan KarpFront of House & Special Events Coordinator bio

Tara Chandi, Gallery Communications & Events Intern bio

Creative Programs Staff:

Carolina QuintanillaGallery & Curatorial Partnerships Manager bio

Matt McKinleyInterim Gallery Exhibitions Designer & Technical Coordinator bio

René YañezDirector of Special Projects, Building Manager bio

Rio YañezDay of the Dead Co-Curator

Facilities & Event Rental Staff:

Alex LukasDirector of Facilities & Technical Operations bio

Devon NandagiriEvents Rentals Manager bio

Robert IgeMaintenance Coordinator

Cathie AndersonBuilding Manager & Technician bio

Alex CrousnillonBuilding Manager & Technician

Natalee DeckerBuilding Manager & Technician bio

Katie GilmartinPrint Studio & Building Manager bio

Ronnie Heaven, Building Manager & Technician bio

Colin JohnsonBuilding Manager & Technician

Ryan KelleyBuilding Manager & Technician

Joe MooreBuilding Manager & Technician

Dion Reiner-GuzmanBuilding Manager & Technician bio

Veronica SimonettiBuilding Manager & Technician

Alex TurnerBuilding Manager & Technician

Neighborhood Arts Services Staff:

Zach Slater, Director of Neighborhood Arts Services bio

Jesse Garcia, Neighborhood Arts Services Crew

Damond MacFarland, Neighborhood Arts Services Crew

Miles McDermett, Neighborhood Arts Services Crew

Manuel Rosario, Neighborhood Arts Services Crew

Jose Salazar, Neighborhood Arts Services Crew

Nick Salazar, Neighborhood Arts Services Crew

Please note: because our staff is small, we take care to list artist and programming opportunities on our website. Please review the site carefully to familiarize yourself with SOMArts’ programming and mission before contacting us with an idea for collaboration. Inquiries that do not fall within existing programming should be sent to and will be directed to the appropriate staff member. Due to the volume of requests, we cannot guarantee a response to all inquiries.

SOMArts Board

Sherry Suisman, President (bio)
Iris Fluellen, Vice President & Secretary (bio)
Peter Sizgoric Treasurer (bio)
Nick Gomez (bio)
Rhodessa Jones (bio)
Dorothy Santos (bio)

Sarah Davis, Emeritus
Drake Hawthorne, Emeritus
David Kennedy, Emeritus
Carlos Loarca, Emeritus
Tom Mazzolini, Emeritus
Ruth Passen, Emeritus
Ernest Rivera, Emeritus
Anita Sanchez, Emeritus
Josette Melchor, Emeritus
Lex Leifheit, Emeritus

Photo by Meike Gugel.