ACTIVISM: within & without, workshops begin October 7th

ACTIVISM: within & without is a series of three workshops specifically designed for artists, youth workers, facilitators, educators, journalists, public servants, parents, and organizers. Workshops utilize hip hop, poetry, performance, visualization, storytelling, and media to teach civic engagement and community building skills. Each workshop is facilitated by a talented teaching artist, who is an expert in their craft.

At the end of each workshop, participants will walk away with:

– A deeper understanding of the role arts and healing play in facilitating civic engagement and community building;
– An emerging framework by which to talk about the concepts contained in the San Francisco Police Department’s Community Policing General Order within their communities;
– A zine that documents lessons learned and activity instructions.

Additionally, participants will contribute to two growing civically-engaged art projects, #TakingAStandSF and #WhereDoYouBelong by artists and ACTIVISM: within & without producers Jason Wyman and Nina Parks. 

#TakingAStandSF was instigated in November 2013 in the wake of the incident of police brutality at Valencia Gardens on the same day San Francisco was celebrating Batkid.  #TakingAStandSF is a movement to restore justice in our communities. 

#WhereDoYouBelong was founded by OutLook Theater Project and 14 Black Poppies in collaboration with TILT in the Summer of 2014. It is a transdisciplinary, cross-platform, multi-organizational investigation into belonging, which engages artists and community members in creation, exhibition, research, and civic-engagement. #WhereDoYouBelong is both a starting point and an ending point. The investigation is the destination. 

WORKSHOP ONE (10/7): Know Our Rights, Know Our Responsibilities 
Facilitated by Dregs One | Using: hip hop and poetry 

WORKSHOP TWO (10/14): Democracy in Action
Facilitated by Anthony Julius Williams | Using: performance and visualization

WORKSHOP THREE (10/21): The Art of Listening
Facilitated by Jason Boyce | Using: storytelling and media

This event is presented at SOMArts Cultural Center through participation in the Affordable Space Program, which provides below-market rental space, production and publicity assistance to nonprofit organizations. For more information visit our rentals page.