Naka Dance Theater’s The Anastasio Project, May 1

The Anastasio Project is a multidisciplinary public performance work that investigates racial profiling and state brutality in the streets of Oakland and at the US-Mexico border, using the story of Anastasio Hernandez-Rojas as a point of departure. Hernandez-Rojas was a Mexican national who was detained at the US-Mexico border in May 2010 and was killed by a dozen Customs and Border Patrol agents. The Anastasio Project grows out of NAKA’s longtime interest in investigating social and environmental issues.

The Anastasio Project, 8–8:45pm, kicks off the opening reception for API Cultural Center’s exhibition ONE IN WHICH WE ARE, May 1, 7–10pm.

About Naka Dance Theater:
José Navarrete and Debby Kajiyama create interdisciplinary performance works using movement, theater, art installation, multimedia, and site-specific environments. Their work has been influenced by ritual, cultural studies, and the political and environmental concerns of the world in which we live. In the last eight years, the themes in their work have shifted to address deepening concern with social and environmental issues. Recent themes include: racial profiling and state brutality, genetic modification of native crops, the commodification of water, cultural colonization, and the human response to overwhelming disaster. Click here for more info.

Photos by Scott Tsuchitani