AnonOMus, The Art of Evolution in the Ramp Gallery, May 19–June 6, 2014


What: AnonOMus, The Art of Evolution by Jack Leamy

When: May 19–June 6, 2014

Where: The Ramp Gallery, a community curated space at 934 Brannan St. (between 8th and 9th)

AnonOMus, The Art Of Evolution is a multimedia exhibition in two parts. Hear the artist talk about the inspiration behind this work in his own words:

Part one is a series of intimate drawings and paintings depicting soldiers in states of formal meditation. Soldiers, as agents of class, economic and cultural warfare, are surrendered by the artist into higher consciousness, changing their marching orders from war to peace. With eyes closed to journey inward, they non-violently resist going into battle for others and at once cease fighting. As the mission of meditation is purely creative—not destructive, the AnonOMus soldiers embody the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Here not as political or national agents but as spiritual beings, they change the concept of “power” from destructive force to creative, awakened well-being. In our age of American Empire and the world as a battlefield, AnonOMus acts as a transformational aesthetic, as a non-violent form of protest. The soldier becomes a transcendent prophetic message carrier of peace and love.

Part two, Citizen Soldier, is a documentary film project focused on bringing critical attention to the unheard experiences of soldiers returning and returned from foreign wars. Through the sharing of personal stories, a larger socio-political exposition is related detailing the pervasive impact of war here and abroad. The honest interviews are their own civil reckoning, an unburdening of the past towards cultural healing. A larger community is involved beyond the confines of the military experience. At some point, the soldier rejoins society, not as a soldier, but as a veteran. Citizen Soldier addresses ambiguities regarding war and all that it affects.

Painting as combined with film connects with the earliest modes of graphic representation while investigating the efficacy and legitimacy of art, both organic and digital, in our culture of spectacle… including the spectacle of war. By using stop motion animation the portraits come to life in stride with each audio interview. Painting and digital technology unite metaphorically embodying states of emergence and integration.

About the Artist
Jack Leamy is a San Francisco based artist with a Master of Fine Art in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute where he was given the Irene Pijoan Memorial Award.  Leamy received the Tournesol Award for Painting in 2010/11 and was the recipient of the Commons Curatorial Residency Program from SOMArts in 2013.

His practice is at the core a demonstrative act for social unity, spiritual discourse and an aesthetic embodying humanism as it relates to ecology, equality and true liberty. Leamy is grounded in the symbolic painting tradition in regard to compassionate social awareness and individual self-reckoning. He considers the power of transformative imagination through the creative subjective act to be a form of resistance and release from entrenched and negative socio/political systems.

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Photos courtesy of Jack Leamy.