Izza Anwar in The Ramp Gallery , January 20–February 20, 2016

The Ramp Gallery features a curatorial project by Izza Anwar in collaboration with Jason Wyman titled Belonging in Transition, Part Two. Below, Izza shares her poetic curatorial statement and biographical response to the question “Where do you belong”?

About the Exhibition
In a cafe with poems on the walls
there sat two artists
with pen and paper
who asked a question,
A question about belonging.

Through curiosity,
visions and ideas bloomed:
Where to start?
Who to ask?

To seek our answers,
we reached out to our communities,
and then we composed an experiment.

We asked the youth at the Contemporary Jewish Museum
to lend us their voice, share a memory, and leave their mark.

We took their words;
wrote a poem.
We delivered each stanza, all the youth’s voices, their memories and marks
to nine artists from many backgrounds ranging in age from 17-45

Inspired by form and voice,
memory and mark,
each artist composed a work.
Layer upon layer upon layer of meanings funneled into a single digital image:
A representation of pasts and presents and possibilities.

What do you see?
What is your voice?

Now tell me,
Where do you belong?

Join us in this conversation: visit www.wheredoyoubelongproject.com and engage in social media with:#WhereDoYouBelong.

– Izza Anwar

Meet the Artist
Izza Anwar will be at SOMArts on Thursday, February 4, 6–9pm. Visit the Ramp for a chance to meet the artists, talk about her work and inspiration and enjoy her awesome artwork! While you’re here, stop by the Visions into Infinite Archives Closing Reception in the Main Gallery. A cash bar will be available all night.

Listen to the artist talk about their work in her own words:

Below is Izza’s response to the question “Where do you belong”?
This answer always changes,
as do I with it

As a child I belonged,
in the endless mango groves,
on my grandfather’s farm

As a young teen I belonged,
with my sport teams,
through both victory and defeat

As a young adult I belong,
in the city,
with all its forms of art and expression

But at the end of the day
I always belong with me,
where I am encouraged to be myself

with all my weaknesses
with all my strengths.

About The Ramp Gallery
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Image credit: Jason Wyman, Elvi, Digital Image from contributed content. 2014