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PaulaWilson_City Girls in the Desert

Artist Interview: Paula Wilson

Your piece is titled City Girls in the Desert. What does the contrast between women in the city and nature symbolize? When City Girls find themselves in the desert they are awestruck by the emptiness, by the ridiculously blue sky, and …

Wendaabang: Biidaaban (East: Dawn Comes)

Visions into Infinite Archives: Interview Roundup

Here you can find the interview roundup for Visions into Infinite Archives. Visions Into Infinite Archives, a group exhibition curated by Black Salt Collective, honors the non-linearity of time and creates an interactive and infinite archive of universal depths. The exhibition not only …


Artist Interview: Postcommodity Collective

Place seems to be an important theme in your video installation “Gallup Motel Butchering.” Can you explain what you mean by “non-place” in the context of your work? Cristóbal Martinez: A non-place is a phenomenon of the built environment in the context …


Artist Interview: Natalie Ball

This piece carries collective tribal history and individual experiences from the 1800′s to current day. How did this influence your creative process? “Circa Indian” is my first installation and my first attempt at meshing historical narratives with counter memory, a …


Maegan Wynn in the Ramp Gallery, November 30–December 12, 2015

What is it that moves you?  Could it be a single identifiable moment that sets one into motion? Is it a multidimensional sum of experiences that brings a person to one place over another? Or is it subtle, an inexplicable …


A Place of Her Own, Artist-led Tour

Hear from exhibiting artists about their personal journeys and arts-based healing process behind the 30+ artworks and large-scale installations featured in A Place of Her Own, on view with free gallery hours until December 10, 2015. The artist-led tour is free to attend, Sunday, December 6, 1pm–4pm.


The Tiny Painting Collective in The Ramp Gallery, November 3–November 24, 2015

The Tiny Painting Collective was started in 2014 by four San Francisco artists Susan Mullaney, Amy Harcourt, Lalit Nadkarni and Susanne Friedrich, who got together to create small paintings on wood blocks ranging from 1 x 1 in. to 8 …

Susan Almazol working on My Body- Aging as Art_2015_photo by Reiko Fujii

Artist Interview: Susan Almazol

Can you explain the title, “Saying Yes,” as it relates to your work? “Saying Yes” means being receptive to and curious about anything that can happen when one gets older. I have learned to accept with the same welcoming attitude …