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Reclaim, Laura Ming Wong, Digital Photograph, 2015.

Artist Interview: Laura Ming Wong

Your photography depicts the comfort of a bed surrounded by the outdoors. What does the contrast of furniture and the outdoors symbolize to you? People I’ve interacted with professionally and personally have told me that I’m guarded to the point …


Artist Interview: Natalie Sacramento

What was your process like in selecting the found objects that make up your work? As a “non-artist” entering the A Place of Her Own Residency in the Fall of 2014, the thought of making art was a daunting one. …


A Place of Her Own, Opening Reception, Nov 19

In an exhibition rooted in arts-based healing & transformation, women artists respond to the question, “If you had a place of your own, what would it be?” Free opening reception, 6–9pm.


Jennifer Lugris in the Ramp Gallery, October 1–November 1, 2015

California contains the largest amount of death row inmates (over 750) in the United States. The majority are housed at San Quentin State Prison in Marin County, just a few miles from San Francisco. During the Day of the Dead, …

Installation-deinstallation schedule for A Place of Her Own

Artist Interview: Elizabeth “Oscar” Maynard

Behind your work are emotions of outrage, fear, and visibility. What did your process look like to create this alter? Did it differ from your usual process? My process of creating this paper-cut is intrinsically tied up in being a …


Artist Interview: Elena-María Bey

Your work speaks to institutional racism in organized religion. What do you think we can learn from exploring how it shapes intergenerational knowledge and traditions? Religion has been traditionally one of the main colonizing powers in all of world history …


Artist Interview: Latosha Stimage

Color is a strong component of your work. Can you explain its significance? Color is relative, and the human eye is subject to error in judgement of what it sees. I’ve thought a lot about the similarities between color perception and …


Artist Interview: Leila Weefur

What is the significance of your chosen materials–crayons, clay, paints, boxes, and twine? Crayons, clay, and paints are materials that are manufactured in a range of colors that often serve to represent skin tones. When a child is drawing a person, …