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Leslie Dreyer

Artist Interview: Leslie Dreyer

Your actions have fused guerrilla theatre, tactical media and smart mobs to spotlight the tech boom’s impact on displacement and wealth disparity in the Bay Area. For the uninitiated, what’s a smart mob and how can the public learn about …


SF Coalition on Homelessness Art Auction

Bid on work by over 100 local artists in a live & silent auction for a great cause on Thursday, September 11th! Bid on work by over 100 local artists in a live & silent auction! Enjoy live music by Quinn DeVeaux and the Blue Beat Review, exciting raffle prizes, live tortilla screen printing by the Great Tortilla Conspiracy, complimentary dinner and an open wine & beer bar.

Brian Dean

Artist Interview: Brian Dean

Why did you decide to focus on the Bay Trail in this body of photography? My photographic process involves exploring a space on foot. By walking through the landscape I open myself up to discoveries and interactions that often don’t …


Faux Queen Pageant 2014: Fashion Faux-ward, September 6

The Faux Queen Pageant is an “only-in-SF!” glamour contest founded in 1995 that benefits many local community organizations. Originally intended for female female-impersonators, that is, women-dressed-as-men-dressed-as-women, the FQP has been restored to glory by title winner Bea Dazzler (FQ 1998), …

Wiao Wang

Artist Interview: Xiao Wang

What was your inspiration for depicting interior details in your paintings? It is intriguing how interior spaces can carry certain moods and emotions, and this kind of psychological quality has been a major inspiration for me. It can come from …


Make Your Art Your Business: Healthy Art Workshop, September 23

This workshop gives an overview of how to search and identify healthier art materials, and will cover how to identify, work with, and dispose of materials that may be toxic to your health and to the environment. About the presenter: …

Felicita Norris

Artist Interview: Felicita Norris

Why did you choose painting over other artistic expressions? Even though I consider myself primarily a painter, my practice is multidisciplinary, including performance, installation, and photography as precursors to the final “edit.” As for why I chose to make painting …


Artist Interview: Brian Pittman

What are the materials you use for the body of your work? Could you tell more about your work process from start to finish?   I paint with charcoal ash acquired from a Klansman’s charred cross, a linen flag from …