The Making & Meaning of David Middlebrook’s Sculpture BAMBOOzled

For Get Lucky: The Culture of Chance, master artist David Middlebrook was inspired by a series of events that happened by “chance” – the 2008 financial crisis, and the recession that followed. His sculpture is a visual reaction to a statement by Tim Geithner, the United States Secretary of the Treasury, “Asia has us under water.”

David’s current work addresses altered perceptions of everyday realities in physical laws. He believes our continued environmental abuses will continue to change the natural laws that govern planetary behavior. See more of his work at

Below you will find in-progress photos of Middlebrook’s sculpture “BAMBOOzled.” He wants the viewer to feel bamboozled by the mystery of the image and how it floats, and hopes the experience of viewing this piece reflects the feelings we have when we think about global social & economic conditions.

Making the latex mold in David Middlebrook’s studio.

Removing the latex mold to reveal the cardboard inside.

Staging the piece. The boat is made of resin and the bamboo is bronze.

BAMBOOzled installed in the SOMArts Main Gallery.

*all photos courtesy of David Middlebrook, except the installation photo, which was taken by Bryan Hewitt