Ray Anthony Barrett in The Ramp Gallery through January 13

What: Nobody Knows But Me by Ray Anthony Barrett
Where: The Ramp Gallery
When: December 12– January 13

In the words of the artist, Ray Anthony Barrett, “I am interested in drawing as a meditative process. It acts as a channel between me and a deeper understanding of my subjects. With this work, I gave myself the opportunity to engage with the iconic history of trees and what they represent with regard to being symbols of knowledge and my experience of the present information age.”

This series depicts the disintegration or reintegrating trees in varying levels of liminal existence where bark and branch, leaves and twigs are in flux between fairly realistic graphic depiction and pseudo-digital pixelation.  The work references the shift from paper based information to digital based information today and highlights our relationship to changing media.

Ray is a recent graduate from the Pacific Northwest College of Art’s MFA in Visual Studies Program. Barrett’s drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures and poems investigate the language, materials and symbols that define his experience of contemporary consumer culture. He has shown nationally and internationally, in group and solo shows, including exhibiting work in the Dak’Art Biennial in Dakar, Senegal in 2010. See more of his work online at rayanthonybarrett.blogspot.com

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