Bert Bergen in The Ramp Gallery

What: I Am Your Portal, You Are My Voice

Where: The Ramp Gallery

When: July 18 – August, 17, 2011

I Am Your Portal, You Are My Voice is a solo exhibition by multi-media artist and performer Bert Bergen in the Ramp Gallery, a secure all-access exhibition space located in the SOMArts lobby. A set of paintings (gouache, thread and graphite on cotton paper) and several pieces of sculpture (expoxy, automotive paint on wood) will be exhibited through August 17th.

According to Bergen,  “I amalgamate seemingly divergent mystical, religious and occult perspectives to form a conceptual foundation that informs my performances and visual art. Humanity’s need for faith in some connection between itself, this world, and what lies beyond is a constant source of fascination. I treat myth and ritual as spiritual tropes that are manipulated for their ability to simultaneously evoke rapture and horror when illustrating an ecstatic reality.”

Bergen was born on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State and raised by atheist libertarians in the surrounding rural areas. He focused on photography and gender studies while attending the Evergreen State College, WA and received a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree.  He later relocated to San Francisco and took classes at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts Graphica Department to learn screen-printing.

Bergen has had solo exhibitions in San Francisco at The SFMOMA Windows, Adobe Books, and The SFMOMA Artist’s Gallery.  His work has been included in group exhibitions at ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery (New York, NY), Shizuoka University of Art and Culture Japan, Civilian Arts Project (Washington, DC), ArtScape (Baltimore, MD), and Southern Exposure (San Francisco, CA).