DIS/PLAY Closing Reception with Film, Pizza & Poetry, April 23

The final opportunity to view and interact with DIS/PLAY on Thursday, April 23, 6pm to 9pm, features short film screenings in the gallery, including recent work by artist Todd Herman, co-founder of performance project “Sins Invalid”, as well as poetry, and pizza from Mozzeria, …


Artist Interview: Danielle Evans

At the opening for Refuge & Refuse, I was able to talk to artist and former Bulb resident, Danielle Evans, about her work and what it was like to see herself presented in a gallery for the first time. She spoke …


Artist Interview: Judith Leinen

Sculpture by Judith Leinen, film by Robin Lasser How did you initially become involved with the Albany Bulb? Do you have a personal stake in the Bulb or did you see this project as being an opportunity to get involved …


DIS/PLAY Opening Reception

In DIS/PLAY artists with and without disabilities claim and define their own identities, experiment, and make their own rules. Thursday, March 26, 2015, 6–9pm, meet the artists of DIS/PLAY, engage in multimodal art explorations and enjoy live painting and comedy in the gallery among the art.


Timeless Motion, February 18–March 23, 2016

Timeless Motion exposes the science and magic behind cinema. Using photography, collage, drawing and sculptural installation, the exhibition reveals how moving image art is created and how the human response to visual phenomena drives the magical illusion of movement. Visitors …


Visions into Infinite Archives, January 14–February 10, 2016

In Visions Into Infinite Archives the Black Salt Collective honors the non-linearity of time and creates an interactive and infinite archive of universal depths. Visions not only imagines a future that challenges dominant histories and present moments of cyclical and …


A Place of Her Own, November 19–December 11, 2015

A Place of Her Own excavates the vital dreams and hopes of women. In order to thrive and become world leaders, women must define what is important to them alone. A Place features more than 30 found object art works …


Vortok in The Ramp Gallery, February 17th–March 14th, 2015

The title of this work is a Turkish proverb that means “HASTE MAKES WASTE.” This solo video installation showcases Istanbul, Turkey’s contemporary landscape and metaphysical structures to examine notions of thought, place, and being. An audio clip of the artist …