Today is the Shadow of Tomorrow: Día de los Muertos 2015 Exhibition Unveiling, Oct 9

The 16th annual Día de los Muertos exhibition opens Friday, October 9, 6–9pm, with performances from music and theatre ensemble Loco Bloco and poets Denise Benavides and Adrian Arias.

Installation-deinstallation schedule for A Place of Her Own

Artist Interview: Elizabeth “Oscar” Maynard

Behind your work are emotions of outrage, fear, and visibility. What did your process look like to create this alter? Did it differ from your usual process? My process of creating this paper-cut is intrinsically tied up in being a …


Artist Interview: Elena-María Bey

Your work speaks to institutional racism in organized religion. What do you think we can learn from exploring how it shapes intergenerational knowledge and traditions? Religion has been traditionally one of the main colonizing powers in all of world history …


Technical Assistance Workshops for San Francisco Arts Commission Grant Applicants

These 15-minute one-on-one consultation with SFAC grants staff are designed to provide newcomers and seasoned grantees access to program-specific grant information, technical assistance materials (exemplary applications), and the opportunity to engage staff about specific components of the grant application, from …

Lady in RED

RUBY, A RED Fashion Event, Sept 26

Premier SF Bay Area and International fashion designers present an all RED collection in a highly anticipated fashion industry gathering. In a community spirit, all proceeds of the show will be donated to City Studio, a program offering art classes …


Artist Interview: Latosha Stimage

Color is a strong component of your work. Can you explain its significance? Color is relative, and the human eye is subject to error in judgement of what it sees. I’ve thought a lot about the similarities between color perception and …


Artist Interview: Kaitlin Trataris

Your work is extremely personal in the way that it invites viewers into your home space, bringing the private sphere into the public sphere and vice versa. Why do you find it necessary to introduce these spheres to each other, …


Artist Interview: Leila Weefur

What is the significance of your chosen materials–crayons, clay, paints, boxes, and twine? Crayons, clay, and paints are materials that are manufactured in a range of colors that often serve to represent skin tones. When a child is drawing a person, …