Legendeer Symposium, May 29–31, 2015

Legendeer California is a weekend symposium in San Francisco, and a week-long camping and hiking Expedition in Yosemite National Park, focusing on the vital connection between your life, your ideas, your health, and your creative practice. Led by a diverse lineup …

The Homobiles

The News features a Wild Card Night of New, Queer Work

On Tuesday, May 5, free admission, creator of The News Kolmel W Love hosts the very first live performance by The Homobiles, as well as performances by Katie Kelly, Cassandra Falby, OutLook Theatre Project, and W Love.


Artist Interview: Corbett O’Toole

What do you think are some of the challenges disabled women, especially disabled women of color, face in being in the public eye? I don’t see challenges in disabled women being in the public eye. I see extremely few opportunities …


Artist Interview: Christian Vassell

How long have you been an artist? Most of my life. What is the earliest artwork you remember making? The earliest artwork I can remember making is painting. What do you like most about your specific medium? Painting? I like …


Artist Interview: Raven Harper

How long have you been an artist? Did you start in childhood? Well, when I was 16 I started doing more artwork (drawing) and people told me I should be an artist…and I am! What is the earliest artwork you …

Mark Harris in the Ramp Gallery, April 16–May 11, 2015

In November 2003, Mark Harris lost his father to lung cancer. His death had a profound effect on him personally and artistically and, fortunately, he was able to experience the healing power of art during this difficult time. While creating …


Last chance to view and interact with DIS/PLAY

On Thursday, April 23, 6–9pm, the closing reception for DIS/PLAY features short film screenings in the gallery, poetry performances and pizza from Mozzeria.


Memory of Trees, April 13–22, 2015

Memory of Trees, curated by Annalisa D’Angelo, features the work of photographer Kathryn Cook as she traced the memory of the Armenian Genocide across Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Armenia, Israel and France. The core of Cook’s work revolves around the Turkish …