Naka Dance Theater’s The Anastasio Project, May 1

The Anastasio Project is a multidisciplinary public performance work that investigates racial profiling and state brutality in the streets of Oakland and at the US-Mexico border, using the story of Anastasio Hernandez-Rojas as a point of departure.


Legendeer Symposium, May 29–31, 2015

Legendeer California is a weekend symposium in San Francisco, and a week-long camping and hiking Expedition in Yosemite National Park, focusing on the vital connection between your life, your ideas, your health, and your creative practice. Led by a diverse lineup …

The Homobiles

The News features a Wild Card Night of New, Queer Work

On Tuesday, May 5, free admission, creator of The News Kolmel W Love hosts the very first live performance by The Homobiles, as well as performances by Katie Kelly, Cassandra Falby, OutLook Theatre Project, and W Love.


Artist Interview: Corbett O’Toole

What do you think are some of the challenges disabled women, especially disabled women of color, face in being in the public eye? I don’t see challenges in disabled women being in the public eye. I see extremely few opportunities …


Artist Interview: Christian Vassell

How long have you been an artist? Most of my life. What is the earliest artwork you remember making? The earliest artwork I can remember making is painting. What do you like most about your specific medium? Painting? I like …


Artist Interview: Raven Harper

How long have you been an artist? Did you start in childhood? Well, when I was 16 I started doing more artwork (drawing) and people told me I should be an artist…and I am! What is the earliest artwork you …

Mark Harris in the Ramp Gallery, April 16–May 11, 2015

In November 2003, Mark Harris lost his father to lung cancer. His death had a profound effect on him personally and artistically and, fortunately, he was able to experience the healing power of art during this difficult time. While creating …


Last chance to view and interact with DIS/PLAY

On Thursday, April 23, 6–9pm, the closing reception for DIS/PLAY features short film screenings in the gallery, poetry performances and pizza from Mozzeria.