Calling all young Latino leaders in the arts!

What: The National Museum of Mexican Art’s 2011 Crescendo Cultural Task Force
Where: Chicago, IL
When: July 15-16, 2011
What Else: Applications are due February 18, 2011

Crescendo Cultural‘s National Young Latino Leaders in the Arts Task Force

July 15-16, 2011

The National Museum of Mexican Art (NMMA)‘s 2011 Crescendo Cultural Task Force will present an opportunity for young Latino professionals in the arts to rise up and discuss how to effectively participate in shaping the future of the arts in the U.S.

Ten participating professionals from across the United States will be invited to a two-day task force session in Chicago (July 15-16, 2011).  We are looking for individuals under the age of 35 from a variety of backgrounds (fine arts, performing arts, arts administration, etc.) that will come to the table with innovative ideas about the state of Latino arts.  Task Force representatives will be asked to participate in a series of discussions, synthesize their thoughts, and work together to produce a report outlining the framework of and suggestions from the Crescendo Cultural session.

Please submit the application by February 18, 2011