Calling On the Spirits to Face the Future: Día de los Muertos Exhibition 2012

The centuries-old tradition of building altars to welcome and celebrate deceased loved ones fuses with present-day artists’ sentiments on the state of life and politics. Elaborate, traditional altars and multi-dimensional art installations are on display through November 10th with extended viewing hours.


Feast of Words: A Literary Potluck features Belo Cipriani & Yasmin Golan

Eat, write & share this Tuesday, 7pm, on the theme “Lessons Learned.”


A Night for City Hope, Saturday, September 15th

Join City Hope to celebrate & benefit their commitment to social justice in San Francisco.


Coalition on Homelessness Art Auction, September 13

Join The Coalition on Homelessness tonight for Art Auction 12: Celebrating 25 years of Uniting Community to Forge Solutions to Homelessness, featuring live music & more than 120 pieces of art by Bay Area artists.


Bay Area Trajectories

Join seasoned artists & curators on Wednesday, September 12th for a discussion in the gallery about how currently exhibiting artists reflect, extend & advance the rich history of art in the Bay Area.


The News: Fresh, Queer Performance

Be bold & try new things with Bay Area performing artists at The News, Tuesday, September 4th.


MUJI Presents Product fitness 80 Exhibition

What would happen if we used 20% less materials and energy lo make products? August 24–30, MUJI showcases products that use just 80% of the materials and energy that we have been using to date.


La Cocina’s Food and Entrepreneurship Conference

Sunday & Monday, August 19 & 20, join La Cocina to celebrate how faces, spaces, policies and technologies come together to create an environment where food businesses can thrive!