Visions into Infinite Archives, January 14–February 10, 2016

In Visions Into Infinite Archives the Black Salt Collective honors the non-linearity of time and creates an interactive and infinite archive of universal depths. Visions not only imagines a future that challenges dominant histories and present moments of cyclical and …

A Place of Her Own, November 19–December 11, 2015

A Place of Her Own excavates the vital dreams and hopes of women. In order to thrive and become world leaders, women must define what is important to them alone. A Place features more than 30 found object art works …


Vortok in The Ramp Gallery, February 17th–March 14th, 2015

The title of this work is a Turkish proverb that means “HASTE MAKES WASTE.” This solo video installation showcases Istanbul, Turkey’s contemporary landscape and metaphysical structures to examine notions of thought, place, and being. An audio clip of the artist …


What’s in a Name? Reclaiming, Rethinking and Resisting Language by Elena Gross

Language can be a really important tool in building identity and fostering community. Being able to express oneself and represent oneself in one’s own language is crucial in reclaiming agency and power in a world that so often denigrates and …


Periwinkle Cinema guest curates The News

Periwinkle Cinema guest curates short movies with live soundtracks for The News on Tuesday, March 3rd

Community and Art Were Here

Community, Art & Culture Were Here: Augmented Reality Tour of Albany Bulb, February 28

Refuge in Refuse: Art & Culture Project organizers lead a walking tour of the creations, realities and archives of the Albany Bulb. Learn about the history of the art & community that once flourished at the Bulb using augmented reality, February 28th.

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Refuge in Refuse Opening Event

Visual art opening features three film screenings, informal chats with former Albany bulb residents, participating artists, and other experts about the Bulb, and curbside tours of the LavaMae bus, a project of the Tides Center that provides mobile showers for the homeless in re-purposed SF MUNI busses


Taxes for Artists, February 17

Get organized for tax season. Gary Bishop of niceRecords demystifies what tax prep looks like with a special insight into the needs of individual artists. Topics to be covered include organizing expenses, tracking information, using available tax and finance resources, …