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It’s here, it’s queer, it’s The News! February 7th (and every 1st Tuesday) we’re showcasing the freshest queer performance the Bay Area has to offer.

Guest Blog: Jennifer Hasegawa “Drippy Leg Mystery Solved”

DRIPPY LEG MYSTERY SOLVED I am Jennifer Hasegawa and I am Loading… I am a fourth edition product of the United States. I am a married divorced bi-curious actor singer dancer producer philanthropist with kids (1 adopted), known for playing …



We asked the artistic collaborators of Peter Max Lawrence and Truong Tran, creators of At War,  to contribute something to our blog that details their own identities in conflict. D.W. Lichtenberg has collaborated with Truong in the creation of digital art …

Jack Leamy in the Ramp Gallery February 6– 20

What: Asphalt Meditation by Jack Leamy Where: The Ramp Gallery When: February 6–20, 2012 In the words of the artist, Jack Leamy, “These portraits are culled from death mask archives of American statesmen that I have painted on asphalt. The asphalt becomes spatial like a …


At War, February 3–29

At War, curated by and featuring artists Peter Max Lawrence and Truong Tran, explores identities in conflict, ranging from ethnic, gender, and sexual identity to conflicts of artistic identity indicated by disparate processes, practices, and mediums.


At War Opens Friday, February 3, 6–9pm

Join artists Peter Max Lawrence and Truong Tran for a first look at hundreds of paintings, drawings, videos, and sculptures which incorporate religious elements, assumptive queer histories, and war iconography.

The Making & Meaning of Renée Rhodes’ Muscle Maps for Virtual Travels

Our CCA Community Student Fellow, Bianca Sandiko, caught up with exhibiting artist Renée Rhodes to ask her a few questions about her fascinating video piece for Get Lucky: The Culture of Chance. “Muscle Maps for Virtual Travels” is  displayed in …

Nolan Jones in The Ramp Gallery through February 6

What: Nolan Jones in The Ramp Gallery Where: The Ramp Gallery When: January 14–February 6, 2012 This body of work, designed and created by Nolan Jones, is based on research into the text-based visual art of John Cage, who often played with typography …