Celebrity Judges: Jiz Lee & Anna Pulley

Our gaze reversing photo contest features a pair of San Francisco’s sexperts as celebrity judges. Who wouldn’t want to be judged by these two?

Jiz Lee

Twitter: @jizlee

Jiz Lee is a genderqueer porn star who is known for a gender-bending androgynous look and fun sex-positive attitude. The award-winning performer advocates for ethical gender agency and authentic sexuality and pleasure in pornography. In their short years in the adult industry, Jiz has performed for celebrated directors and renown female pornographers, and has contributed as a writer to numerous print and online publications. Jiz is also a philanthropist and created the Karma Pervs membership site as a creative outlet benefiting sex-positive, queer and kink-friendly non-profit organizations. Ever fascinated by the radical potential of sex, love, and art, Jiz runs a personal blog about sex work and queer porn as a medium for social activism at JizLee.com.

Anna Pulley

Twitter: @annapulley

Hailing from the rough-and-tumble deserts of southern Arizona, where one doesn’t have to bother with such trivialities as “coats” or “daylight savings time,” Anna is a freelance writer living in San Francisco. She tends to put quotes around things unnecessarily and spends altogether too much time justifying the artistic merit of limericks. She has written reviews of everything from bars to restaurants to films to theater to sex toys, in addition to writing several different sex and relationship columns for The Chicago Tribune’s RedEye, AfterEllen, Centerstage Chicago, and Chicago Now. She also writes a weekly social media etiquette column for SF Weekly, and her work has appeared in Mother Jones magazine, AlterNet, The Bay Citizen, and The Rumpus. Plus, one time Amanda Palmer asked her out on Twitter, with Neil Gaiman’s blessing. Check out her writing on annapulley.com.