Chocolate and Art Show, June 22–23, 2017

Chocolate & Art Show

Chocolate and Art is a celebrated gathering to showcase the talents of local artists, vendors, and musicians complimented by artisan chocolatiers. With regard to art’s range of expression and subject matter, Chocolate and Art invites all enthusiasts over the age of 21 for a couple nights of chocolate and cultural indulgence!

Chocolate and Art serves as a platform for emerging and established artists of many mediums to get to know their own art community, network, showcase their works, and profit from their creativity. In support of our cause, your participation in the Chocolate and Art show benefits Artists for Trauma, a non-profit that aims to aid in recovery through artistic expression and human connection.


Chocolate and Art is presented at SOMArts as part of the Affordable Space Rental program, which is supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission.