Artist Interview: Christian Vassell


How long have you been an artist?
Most of my life.

What is the earliest artwork you remember making?
The earliest artwork I can remember making is painting.

What do you like most about your specific medium? Painting?
I like most about my specific medium is [working with] canvas.

Do you try a lot of different mediums? What is something you would like to try working with in the future?
I like to try a lot of different mediums [like] sewing. A medium I would like to try in the future is ceramics.

Who are your biggest inspirations? Other artists, important figures, or people in your life?
[One] of my biggest inspirations was Santiago.

How or why do these individuals inspire you to create?
They inspire me to create oil paintings.



The exhibition DIS/PLAY will be on view until April 23rd.

About the Author:
Elena Gross is a CCA Extern for SOMArts Cultural Center and a graduate student in the Visual & Critical Studies program at California College of the Arts.