Chrysalis Printmaking Studio Open House & Group Show 2014


Enjoy fresh-off-the-press fine art prints including both linocuts and monotypes, and see demonstrations of those techniques by Chrysalis Studio printmakers. Artists showing will include: Mira Bäckman, Corey Brown, Amman Desai, Adrian Hern. Julieanne Faas, Abby Ginsberg, Sarah Jelley, Jane Loeser, Carol Ludwig, Marissa Marquez, Ethel Mays, Rob Mitchell, Kitty Quinn-Friel, Rachel Ramsay, Priscilla Read, Sherry Suisman, Maya Sussman, Norma Tannenbaum, Barbara Vos, Nathan Yergler, Jade Zabrowski, and Katie Gilmartin.

Event photo by Rob Mitchell, “Lou Reed,” linocut.