Chrysalis Printmaking Studio Open House, November 19

Monotype by Rachel Ramsay

Enjoy fresh-off-the-press fine art prints including linocuts, monotypes, and monoprints by a variety of artists who have printed at Chrysalis Studio during the past year. Artists showing will include: Corey Brown, Jan Currie, Adrian Hern, Julie Flynn, Kristina Horton-Flaherty, Lucy Irwin, Katie Gilmartin, Sarah Jelley, Merty McGraw, Jane Loeser, Rina Marfatia, Ethel Mays, Holly McHugh, Rob Mitchell, Anna Marie Morrow, Emma O’Connell, Rachel Ramsay, Sherry Suisman, Maya Sussman, Norma Tannenbaum, Barbara Vos, Nathan Yergler, and Jade Zabrowski.

And in the same building that evening: A Place of Her Own, curated by Cynthia Tom: a group art exhibition that excavates the vibrant dreams of 20 women artists with diverse cultural perspectives, ranging in age from 24-89 years old, as they answer the question, “If you had a place of your own, what would it be?”

Event Image: Monotype by Rachel Ramsay