Danja in the Ramp Gallery, August 28–September 30

Danja | Patchwork

Over time, Danja has eagerly pursued a variety of artistic expressions and mediums. This and the inspiration acquired from other artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, and nature are the “wind beneath her wings.”

Recently she has been creating collages. Each one is a journey joining bits and pieces discovered along the way. They may be fun, introspective, based in fantasy or politically inclined. There are recurring themes as well: movement and transition, symbolism, metaphor, and secrets to name a few. The artwork represents a dialogue connecting the artist to herself, and links for the viewers.

A new piece begins with one thing that grabs her attention. It might be a photo, a splash of color, a sound, a song, a number of things. Once the initial decision is made and placed on the canvas the Muses take over and the journey begins. Each color and image is assigned its own layer (i.e. three butterflies, three layers) allowing for endless possibilities for effects, size, color, etc . The meticulous piecing of layers brings life to a new collage!

About her work she tells us: “I find that in my meandering and creating art, the art in turn, is creating me. I am one step closer to my inner spiritual self. I am all the better for it and ‘finish’ wanting more.” She hopes the viewers enjoy their journey and desire more as well.

Audio from the artist providing insight into the work:

About Danja
Danja was born and raised in Reno Nevada. The excitement of the lights, quiet beauty of Pyramid Lake, rambling Truckee River, lady of Mt. Rose in the sunset all provided creative stimuli. Then color—oh the joy of finding 48 crayons, the shapes, contrast, and the combinations of the flower beds surrounding the house. Playing with samples of paint, wallpaper, carpet, vinyl, and appliance colors with her mother, creating palettes for the houses her stepfather built.

In her late 20s she took classes in Humanities, Art History, and design. That was it! She devoured every available class having anything to do with the practice and experience of art and creativity.

For years her primary focus was photography emphasizing polaroid transfers and lifts. When Polaroid ceased making the 669 film, she began to explore alternatives for creating her vision.

She creates collages incorporating her photography with digital “painting” and effects. Her work is magically imaginative, symbolic, thought-provoking, and fun! Movement, transition, text, secrets, and metaphor are recurring themes in her compositions.

Danja is an award-winning artist, and a member of ArtSpan and City Art co-op gallery in San Francisco.

About The Ramp Gallery
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