DIS/PLAY Opening Reception


DIS/PLAY, a group exhibition on view March 24 through April 23, 2015, centers the perspectives of artists with and without disabilities who deconstruct and examine individual and shared experiences of disability culture, shatter assumptions about access in the arts, surface complex and varying narratives and evoke emotional responses that transcend pity or inspiration. In DIS/PLAY artists claim and define their own identities, experiment, and make their own rules.

Dis-Play Comedians

Throughout the opening reception, Thursday, March 26, 2015, 6pm to 9pm, there are opportunities to meet the artists of DIS/PLAY and engage in multimodal art explorations. Paint with artist Neal Barbosa and play musical instruments made from skateboards, designed with limited hand mobility in mind. At 7pm, The Comedians With Disabilities Act offers a 45-minute comedy interlude, including well-known stuttering stand-up comedian, activist and educator Nina G.

This just in: “Drawn In,” an art and movement collaboration between Maia Scott, a cube and you has been added to the public programming. As a visually impaired artist and dancer with a nonstandard body, Maia cringes at the idea of repeatedly being put into a box–– unless she does it to herself. Join a curious conversation about in/outsider identity, lookism and looking at things differently by leaving your mark on this temporary performance sculpture, then check back later to see how it changes over the evening.

Vatler will generously provide valet parking for a $10 flat fee starting from 5pm in front of SOMArts, 934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th). Vatler will park your car for you and your valet will show you how to request it back via text when you want to leave. No more waiting in line on the curb for your car to be brought back to you! For more information about Vatlerwww.vatler.com

Click here to read more about the art on view in DIS/PLAY & additional accompanying events.



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Special thanks to Ninkasi Brewing and Humm Kombucha, whose generous donation helps SOMArts in fostering creative risk-taking, promoting cultural connectivity and learning, and instigating accessible, multifaceted participation in the arts.

Pictured: detail of SKATE, mixed media on handmade skateboard, 2014
Photo courtesy Cypress School, Petaluma; Nina G. pictured, photo by Josh Denault Photography