Elizabeth Eicher and Hélène Schlumberger in The Ramp Gallery, April 30–May 21

What: “Awards Presentation”  by STADIUM

Where: The Ramp Gallery, a community curated space at 934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th)

When: April 30–May 21, 2012

Presented by STADIUM, “Awards Presentation”  explores ideas within the competitive natures of accomplishment and failure. The show displays various tokens of achievements. STADIUM wants to learn how to succeed in failure and fail within success.

STADIUM  is a collaborative venture from the duo Elizabeth Eicher and Hélène Schlumberger.  STADIUM is dedicated to exposing, decrying, and promoting competition in every forum imaginable. Its goal is to harness the productive and creative impetus that exists within competitive structures.

About The Ramp Gallery
The Ramp Gallery, a community curated space in the SOMArts lobby, accepts exhibition proposals on a continual basis. Submission Guidelines can be found here. To purchase work on display or for more information email gallery@somarts.org. You can visit The Ramp gallery any time SOMArts Cultural Center is open.

Pictured Above, “The Best,” by Elizabeth Eicher and Hélène Schlumberger, 2012