Co-Creating the Archive: Emily An-Mei Gould Responds to Postcommodity

Artists in Residence at Destiny Arts Center visited the Visions into Infinite Archives exhibition to add their voices to the archive through creative responses.

Emily An-Mei Gould responded to Postcommodity’s Gallup Motel Butchering with the poem below.


Still from Postcommodity’s Gallup Motel Butchering.

In Response to Postcommodity

To stimulate my roots
Is to become intimate with life and death
Red liquid life force streaming
For mine my peoples to keep flowing
Over flames quicksand jagged cliffs
Cultural resilience

Quench the root hairs with life blood
Spilling with purpose
Continuing the cycle
Removing the remove
To sanitize is to lie
To sanitize is to erase
No wonder we’re confused
Now is time
To restore the balance

Withhold life blood from the roots
Sheltering from necessary pain
Catalyzing ignorant violence
Shrivelling the root hairs
To remove from life source
Is to remove from life force
We shame
Suppress its manifestations
As our roots develop dry and brittle
Bereft of the essential fluids

Life blood is vital
Sacred yet ordinary
Spirit a part of all it flows through
I am still learning
To disengage my recoil
Let my parched root tips
Dip into small puddles of plastic butcher bags
Chicken feet
Cold clawed human hands grasped in my own

Uprooting a being from the cycle
Is unnecessary
To recognize its spirit
The blood cycle is life
No contradiction

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