Ramp Gallery

The Ramp Gallery

The Ramp Gallery is an artist-driven exhibition space at SOMArts that is currently accepting applications for four-week long solo and group shows. An opportunity for entrepreneurial artists to RAMP UP their careers by exhibiting at one of San Francisco’s most dynamic hubs for art and community, the high-visibility location of the Ramp Gallery is adjacent to the main entrance of SOMArts and open to all local artists in the Bay Area.

SOMArts receives thousands of visitors of all ages and interests each month, providing valuable exposure for emerging and mid-career artists. Artists exhibiting in The Ramp have the opportunity to gain hands-on curatorial experience, to be supported by the SOMArts team in the self-production of an exhibition that includes installation planning and outreach, and to reach new audiences through SOMArts’ in-person attendance as well as its dynamic online community, which includes some of the most robust social networks of any arts organization of its size in the Bay Area. Previous Ramp Gallery exhibitions have received media attention from the San Francisco Chronicle, The Huffington Post, and other local and national publications.

One of the primary aims of The Ramp Gallery is to offer an equal-opportunity, accessible, and barrier-free space in support of artists with varying needs. Because this opportunity is intended for the local artist community, we ask that artists visit the space to orient themselves with The Ramp and with SOMArts. Applications may be picked-up and dropped off in the lobby during regular gallery hours, or artists may sign up at the reception desk to receive an online application. Additionally, in order to give all artists a fair and timely chance to show their work, The Ramp Gallery only schedules exhibitions up to three months in advance.

Consisting of two secure wall-mounted cases, this space is ideal for displaying two-dimensional artwork. The dimensions of the cases are 24.75” x 37” and 137” x 37”. Artists are responsible for installing and de-installing their exhibitions and must provide an artist or curatorial statement three weeks in advance of the exhibition. In addition, opening receptions may be arranged concurrently with free events in the SOMArts main gallery.

Recent Ramp Gallery exhibitions include:
Ethel Mays | Knife Strokes
Michele M. King | After Dark
Jessica Eastburn | Bitter/Sweet
Li Westerlund | Into the Night
Jon Gourley | Re:MKE
Deirdre Weinberg | RANTS
Jesse Eisenhardt | 365 x 2012
Hilde Lynn and Quintessa Matranga | The Starlight Lounge
Kerry Laitala | Saint Elmo’s Fire
Cathy Lu | Girls Playing
Bryan Hewitt | Temples of Light
Malik Seneferu  | From the Hill and Beyond
Moholy Ground Magazine | Special Edition
Meryl Pataky | Life Cycles and Cosmic Death
Michael Gaughan | April Fools for Life
Camilla Kardel | Decay and Development From the Rooftop of the World
Kevn Tijerina  | Fur Your Viewing Pleasure or Furtography
Elliott C. Nathan | San Francisco on Ham
Evan Reiser | Cortés and Moctezuma
John Steck, Jr. | Lament
Michelle Sakhai | Awakening
Maria Nunez & Josh Hamilton | ANTIGONA
Jennifer and David Nicholson | Memento mori
Heidi Lubin | Liminalscape Study: SOMArts + Environs
API Legal Outreach Youth Advisory Council | Violence In the Community Through Our Eyes
Yelena Sophia | Moments, XX’s Collection
Claudia Marquez | black and white portraiture
Julianne Quimby | The Preservation of Summer
Neil Rivas (Clavo) | Illegal Superheroes
Bobby Coleman | Piecing It Together
Elizabeth Eicher & Hélène Schlumberger of STADIUM | “Awards Presentation”  
Jesus Landin Torres III | Manifesting the Soul
Alex Wang | The Fire Escape Series
Kenny Kong | Fortune and Funk
Dalia Anani | Preoccupied Series
Jack Leamy | Asphalt Meditation
Nolan Jones | Get Lucky: The Culture of Chance
Ray Anthony Barrett | Nobody Knows But Me
Elizabeth Axtman | The Love Renegade #308: I Love You Keith Bardwell (Phase 1)
Robert Gomez | Ciudad Juárez, Mexico 2010: 3085 Murders, 1 Tarahumara Ladies
William R. Way | Twelve Shots of the Tenderloin
Christine Elfman | The Record of an Anthotype Dress