Faces of SOMArts–Lynne Jones

What Bay Area neighborhood do you call home?

I have spent most of my “home space” in North Beach and the Marina. Presently, I am staying with my daughter and her husband near SF City College (transitioning). They call the area Sunnyside but this year it is not living up to its name!  My heart is still in North Beach and I hope to return to that area soon.

What brings you to SOMArts?

SOMarts fell into my lap via NCOA (National Council on Aging) which is ever-changing.

Describe your most enjoyable experience at SOMArts today?

My most enjoyable experience today is having a wonderful piece of chocolate.

What would you do if you had no financial limitations?

If my finances were limitless I would feed, clothe and educate as many people as possible and deliver the food and clothing personally (hopefully traveling far and wide).

What’s your secret talent?

My “secret” talent would probably be methods, i.e., finding the most efficient way to get a project finished. My not so “secret” talent would be food and/or gourmet cooking.