Faces of SOMArts–Ramona Soto

Photo by Virginia Arana Greene



What Bay Area neighborhood do you call home?

Outer Sunset.

What brings you to SOMArts cultural center?

Volunteering for the wonderful Feast of Words!

Describe the most enjoyable part of your experience at SOMArts today.

Today I expect to enjoy the readings, and the writing exercises are always fun. And the surroundings are great – we’re in the main gallery with the A Place of Her Own exhibit.

If you were in the circus, what job would you have?

Hmmmm – I know some circus people from Circus Bella and they’re all insanely talented. If the trapeze was as easy as Abby makes it look, I’d love to do that. She looks like she’s flying!

Which cartoon character do you most resemble?

I like the character of Mei from My Neighbor Totoro. She’s always ready for adventure.