Faye Lacanilao in the Ramp Gallery, May 13–June 2, 2015


Third World For Black Power is a collection of photographs from the “Reclaim Martin Luther King, Jr” action in January 2015, and the SFPD Shut Down in March, which marked the first year of Alex Nieto’s death. It features the people that joined the solidarity actions from the growing #BlackLivesMatter movement in the Bay Area. As an activist herself, Faye Lacanilao joined a tactical formation called “Third World For Black Power,” which was mainly led by Arab Resource & Organizing Committee (AROC), BAYAN USA, Haiti Action Committee, and Xican@ Moratorium Coalition.

On March 22, 2015, she photographed the shut down action at the San Francisco Mission Police Department, which marked the first death anniversary of Alex Nieto, a Bernal Heights resident that was brutally shot (with no clear basis) by four SFPD officers in 2014.

Audio from the artist providing insight into the work:

Lacanilao was drawn to the moments of laughter and warm interactions between the lead organizers, the faces of their children, and the residents that peered out from their homes to cheer on the protestors. These light-hearted moments juxtaposed with the militancy and seriousness of these protests were Lacanilao’s way of appreciating the kind, compassionate, and revolutionary activists that have tirelessly committed themselves in fighting police brutality and state repression.

About Faye Lacanilao
Faye Lacanilao is a Filipina photographer based in the Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco. She studied photojournalism at San Francisco State University, and currently works at the Filipino Community Center as a Health Educator. She is the Northern California Regional Coordinator for BAYAN USA, an alliance of 18 anti-imperialist Filipino organizations across the United States, and a support organizer for the newly formed Filipino migrant worker organization called Migrante. Her work is usually formatted as photo stories, often capturing the day-to-day lives of Filipinos in the Bay Area.

To see more of her recent work, go tohttp://www.fayedoesphotos.tumblr.com.

To learn more about BAYAN USA, visithttp://www.bayanusa.org

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Pictured Above, “Tina,” by Faye Lacanilao 2015