The Robinbergs Bring You Finnegan’s Fine Art: A Benefit for a Finicky Filter, April 29

What: The Robinbergs Bring You Finnegan’s Fine Art: A Benefit for a Finicky Filter

When: Sunday, April 29, 2–6pm

Where: 934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th)

How Much: All artwork will be available by cash or credit card on site. Donations will be accepted.

Finnegan’s Fine Art: A Benefit for a Finicky Filter is an exhibition of new work Ginger Robinson and Sara Seinberg have made while muddling through a wild and feral medical challenge. They have both toted their phones along and snapped little square bits of image documenting the strange landscape of illness, faith, uncertainty, fear and love. There have been so many waiting rooms, a patient dog, and IV tubes. The kitchen has seen Sara through nutritional adventures while Ginger sorted expensive drugs splayed on the table. Sara and Ginger write, “It is a show that reflects some days of terror, some of total peace in the knowledge we are lucky, and we have slowly walked forward.”

In service to fiscally supporting this escapade they have been handed, they will also be showcasing a retrospective of sorts, featuring Ginger’s haunting Southern series in large format plus some of her incredible portrait work. Also on hand you can find Sara’s homage to the lovely detritus of city streets, the still moments of domestic grace and a little editorial skyshow as well.

All proceeds will go to helping the artists support themselves in this chapter of their lives, no matter how long it is written for. They thank you in advance for coming out to our first ever benefit art show. While they wish they were inviting you to enjoy our work with them under different circumstances, they are nevertheless honored by your support, your friendship, and the strength of so many of you who have been their fans and supporters of their images over the years.

Work will be available by cash, check or credit card on site.

Ginger Robinson grew up in Chickamauga, Georgia next to a haunted civil war national park. She took up photography in 2001, turning out a portrait series of women working in the produce department of the nation’s largest collectively run, worker-owned grocery in the United States, Rainbow Grocery, Inc. Alongside her arresting portraiture work, she photographed quiet, still images of her life: diners, empty beds, shotguns and friendships. She also has an ongoing project documenting the town where she grew up, showcasing the unequivocal beauty and easy humor of the south enmeshed with its painful past and rebel flags. Her work has garnered her attention in her hometown of San Francisco where she has exhibited in solo and group shows. She co-founded Robinberg Photography with Sara Seinberg in 2008.

Sara Seinberg began making photographs in 1998. After creating work for three years with the photo collective Point Blank in San Francisco, she returned to school at Tufts University’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts and received her MFA in photography in 2004. Her work has appeared in print nationally and internationally and on the walls of galleries throughout the US. The images are a thrilling mix of editorial style portraits, industrial urban still lifes, momentary beauty queens, and molotov cocktails of color. She toured the US (and a few great stops in Canada) showing her photographs with the legendary Sister Spit in 2009. She co-founded Robinberg Photography with Ginger Robinson in 2008.

Also, they are in love.