Flash Coaching: Guidance for Artists and Creatives, August 8

Flash Coaching: Beatrice Thomas and Kevin Seaman

You make art, but what about the other stuff? Artist statements, grants, budgets, residencies, marketing? Spend a focused 20 minutes with arts nonprofit experts Beatrice Thomas and Kevin Seaman focusing on a topic of your choice—these 1:1 coaching sessions will show you the impact of working with a coach to bring your creative practice to the next level.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the arts nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, cultural workers Beatrice and Kevin have helped artists to access thousands of dollars of grant monies, secure professional development opportunities like fellowships and residencies, and create easy-to-follow plans resulting in successful creative projects and leadership.

These intensive 20-minute sessions are designed to give you insight, information and practical advice to further your career as an artist. Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

Artist Statements
Work Samples
Professional Development
Letters of Intent
Project Proposals
Artist Calls
Strategic Planning
Public Art

Attendees must register and pay for their 20-minute coaching session in advance.

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Kevin Seaman is an artist, curator and consultant with 11 years experience working with Bay Area arts communities. He was named one of SF Weekly’s 16 Artists To Watch in 2016. He has performed/exhibited at artistic and nightlife venues throughout the Bay Area, and has led artist-focused workshops for the National Queer Arts Festival, Intersection for the Arts, Center for Cultural Innovation and San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music.

Beatrice Thomas is a multidisciplinary artist, coach and facilitator with over 15 years of experience working in the professional arts. Ms. Thomas spent 5 years learning everything about grantmaking as a Program Officer for the San Francisco Arts Commission. Prior to joining the San Francisco arts community, Ms. Thomas worked in a variety of curatorial, educational and community based positions for the City of Austin, Flatbed Press Gallery, and the Austin Public Art Committee. She has presented at conferences and led workshops for Grantmakers in the Arts, the California College of the Arts, Groundswell Institute, Center for Cultural Innovation, San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, and the National Queer Arts Festival. An active arts advocate, she promotes equity and inclusion on local and national arts platforms, leading field-building workshops and sitting on the budget committee for Arts for a Better Bay Area (ABBA), a community led arts advocacy group. She is currently a fellow of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Leadership Fellows Program. She is dedicated to the creation of meaningful experiences and exceptional arts and culture for herself and others.

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