Co-Creating the Archive: Gabriel Christian Responds to Postcommodity

Artists in Residence at Destiny Arts Center visited the Visions into Infinite Archives exhibition to add their voices to the archive through creative responses.

Gabriel Christian responded to Postcommodity’s Gallup Motel Butchering with the poem below.


Still from Postcommodity’s Gallup Motel Butchering.

Bath, inspired by “Gallup Motel Butchering”

Porcelain sends me

until warmed by a waiting

Water fills so much cleaner than

And when our tub is stopped up
like blood clot

the baptism pool sits

for mother’s body, her daily

We live three stories off
the ground.

No porch, no yard, no gabled

to fall and break the shower’s

We have nothing to

and yet –

I do, fear, we will never know

the dry lips that come

shearing mourning

I ask her to buy some

Purchase Earth. Blow black
money into brown

(As if black money did not already
smell of tar

and feather.)

She resists; she rents;
she stays

Whitney on white slab


Gabriel Christian is an unholy poet, performer, and archivist from New York City, contributor to the blog Black Contemporary Art, and very single. Attach to them via their instagram or tumblr.

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