The Gateway Hotel by The Gateway Street Media Team in The Ramp Gallery, May 21–June 11, 2012

What: The Gateway Hotel, an exhibition by The Gateway Street Media Team

When: May 21–June 11, 2012

Where: The Ramp Gallery, a community curated space at 934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th)

The Gateway Street Media Team said of the project they are exhibiting in The Ramp Gallery, “This re-branding effort serves as a response to community unrest surrounding our move towards, “hotelization” and the increase in the liquidity of our housing-based assets. Because of recent negative community reactions to our eviction standards and corresponding city tax breaks (roughly $30,000,000), we feel it is important to reach out to local arts spaces in San Francisco to share our artistic vision of the future of this beautiful city. It is our utmost goal to demonstrate our commitment to being a model contributor to the economic and social vitality of this community. In this transition from rent-controlled apartments to corporate housing, we ask artists, innovators, creatives and activists to stand behind our vision and even possibly become residents in the upcoming available condominium units (available at $2,500,000 – $7,500,000). To share your support, please call 866-270-9902.”

About The Gateway Street Media Team
The Gateway Street Media Team is a guerilla marketing group formed in 2012 from the best of San Francisco’s conceptual artists. Focusing on the current nexus of financialization, global tourism, and visual art, the Gateway Street Media Team has begun intervening into the contemporary image economy by creating fictional promotional campaigns. We are committed to re-articulating select corporate messaging in order to facilitate and enlighten the needs of the 1%. In addition, the Gateway Street Media Team is currently accepting applications for a number of unpaid positions. If interested, please consult their website.

Pictured Above, “The Gateway Hotel,” by the Gateway Hotel Street Media Team, 2012

About The Ramp Gallery
The Ramp Gallery accepts exhibition proposals on a continual basis. Submission Guidelines can be found here. To purchase work on display or for more information email You can visit The Ramp gallery any time SOMArts Cultural Center is open.

Pictured Above: The Gateway Street Media Team, “Gateway Hotel #1″