Glamorgeddon Opening Night Spectacle

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Glamorgeddon: The Spectacle brings together visual and performance artists in a critical response and free-form celebration of the concept of glamour. It pushes back against the ways in which we consciously or unconsciously accept the logic of prevailing capitalist, media-generated spectacles. Glamorgeddon, a battle for the new territories, examines how glamour has both colonized and empowered us. The exhibition aims to awaken the spectator and create situations that reorder life, politics and art.

The opening night spectacle features live music and performances by Fuzzybunny, a high-powered electronic improvisation trio, and Theresa Wong as Her Unholiness the Nth Incarnation of the Dolly-Lama, as well as gal*in _dog aka Guillermo Galindo and Woffles and Herb.

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Gallery visitors can purchase a menagerie of POP! Glamorgeddon Souvenirs, a collection of artist-created swag hawked by The Guttergals, a 4 decade old bowling association “for gals that don’t bowl.”

Souvenirs include the Glamorgeddon Safety First 2015 Calendar, created by Johanna Poethig and starring the Guttergals in bedazzled hard-hats giving lessons on safety for the new epoch, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, mugs and entrails contributed by artists Manananggoogle, Imin Yeh, Alice Wu, WIGband and more.

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Guttergals Judges, whom you will know by their “Judgey” sashes, will also be on hand to dole out awards based on categories of their own choosing. Anyone present, including the audience, may receive an award.

Click here to read more about the exhibition, and here to read more about the Final Spectacle & Limo Lectures that will occur later in the month.

See you there, glamorous!

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Theresa Wong, Her Unholiness the Nth Incarnation of the Dolly-Lama, was born in the obscure state of confusion and bliss. She is thought to be the successor to a long lineage of under-worshipped female deities promulgating the importance of fake beauty and pureness of heart. She received third prizes at the international “Big Messiah” sing-along competition and will be performing a selection from her hit album, “I Will Sometimes Love You.”

Despite public plea, sublingual duo Woffles and Herb return to the spotlight this January to inflict their newest single upon the world.

Post-Mexican” composer/performer gal*in _dog aka Guillermo Galindo’s work spans from symphonic and chamber acoustic composition to live performance art, musical and visual computer interaction, electro-acoustic music, opera, film, instrument building, three dimensional installation, improvisation and sound design.

Fuzzybunny is a high-powered electronic improvisation trio consisting of Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster and Tim Perkis. All-out “carnallectual” electronic improv, rocky-roaded with pop-music fragments and sonic gags define some kind of new style, difficult to describe.

The Guttergals, a 4 decade-old bowling association “for gals that don’t bowl,” are lead by Cigarette Gal Honey Smacks (Alysoun Quinby) and feature Guttergal Judges Cranky (Paula Cekola), Speedy (Giselle Jiles), Bunnie (Alice Wu) and more.

Pictured top to bottom: Excerpt from Glamorgeddon Safety First 2015 Calendar by Johanna Poethig and starring the Guttergals; Theresa Wong as Her Unholiness the Nth Incarnation of the Dolly-Lama; EyeAmPhibian Tattoo by Imin Yeh; Woffles and Herb pictured