Open Call for Participation: Performance, Time-Based, Relational, Experimental, or Just Plain Fearless Artists

On December 10, 2011, from 5:58pm to midnight, SOMArts Cultural Center presents Third Strike: 100 Performances for the Hole for which we request your collaboration.  As the third manifestation of this one-night-only mini-marathon of artistic moments, the 100 Performances exhibitions are intended to extend and challenge our conceptions of the gentle, the exotic, the poetic, the extreme, the funny, the simple, and anything in between.

We imagine this event as a spectrometer for time-based art, an open forum for creativity governed by a precise time-signature reflecting contemporary media and popular culture. SOMArts is dedicated to raising all voices and 100 Performances  removes barriers for arts participation by illuminating underground performance happenings in the Bay Area.

You are invited to submit a proposal for new performance about, above, around, against, near, in relation to, in contradiction of, or inspired by a 100 year old mechanics pit (the hole) in the floor of our Main Gallery.

Each performer is tasked to create a two minute performance.  However, each artist is given a total of four minutes to complete their performance.  It is recommended to use the first minute to set up, the next two minutes to complete the performance, and the final minute to clean up.  However, it is up to you to use the four minutes as you see fit.

Additionally, this year SOMArts is presenting newly commissioned performances by world class artists local artists Allan Desouza, Jennifer Locke and Tim Sullivan/Chris Corrente.  We are very excited to have your participation and involvement.

To register as a performer for Third Strike: 100 Performances for the Hole click here.  

Performance Rules:
1) No hurting yourself or others.
2) You have four minutes in the hole to use as you see fit (recommended timing: one minute to set up, two to perform, and one to clean up).

Important Information:
1) If you plan to use fire, oil, smoke, or glitter, you must convey this to the organizers for discussion and please refer back to performance rule #1.
2) There is NO rehearsal.
3) Any special needs or technical requests must be made in advance.
4) Sign up is first come first serve but we leave 10 spots available for day-of registration.
5) Registration closes when the spots are filled.
6) You must be able to clean up whatever mess you make within your allotted time.

Event Date and Time: December 10, 2011, 5:58pm-12am.

Many thanks for your beautiful chaos.