Into The Ring, Sumo-Style Opens Friday


Friday, January 15, 2010, 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Exhibition runs through January 25 in the SOMArts Bay Gallery

This eclectic exhibition of paintings, photography, drawing and more, curated by sumo-loving artist MariNaomi, contains pieces that represent varied views of the sumo wrestler, ranging from serious to sensuous to quirky and fun.

Los Angeles cartoonist and artist Kiyoshi Nakazawa’s dramatic painting, “Legend of Kintaro,” captures the nitty-gritty essence of sumo wrestlers battling it out, as does Maryland artist Bill Dunlap’s fantastical piece, “The Ogres of Oyeyama,” while Gabrielle Gamboa’s “Sumo Elvii” (sumos dressed as Elvis, also mid-fight) and Fredrick Noland’s “SuMall” (wrestlers of various ethnicities eating peacefully in a food court) explore more humorous, pop culture interpretations of this rich Japanese tradition.

Other participating artists include such notables as: Andy Ristaino, Doctor Popular, Jan Wurm, Jesse Harold, Ray Craig, Scott Werner, Sabrina Hager, Shelley Trask, Steven Russell Black, Taiko Fujimura, Thien Pham and Xiang Gao. It is a show not to be missed!