Video: The Tailored Body, an Artist Talk by Currently Exhibiting Artist Rachel Mica Weiss

On on August 30, 2011, SOMArts and The San Francisco Foundation hosted a series of live artist talks called Lesser But Vital Practices  to accompany Frontrunners: The San Francisco Foundation 2011 Murphy & Cadogan Awards Exhibition. The talks honed in on where our currently exhibiting artists find their inspiration and how these practices, be they artistic or otherwise, filter into the production of their artwork.

The talks were so fascinating, we asked participating artists to record them for our online audiences to enjoy. The Tailored Body by Rachel Mica Weiss is the first released, but stay tuned for five more talks scheduled for release in the coming weeks.

You can meet Rachel Mica Weiss and talk to her about her work in person at the closing reception on September 16th, or ask her a question through our interactive video Q&A channel.

This video was created by SOMArts volunteer, Christina Brossa.