Jack Leamy in the Ramp Gallery February 6– 20

Asphalt Meditation by Jack Leamy

What: Asphalt Meditation by Jack Leamy

Where: The Ramp Gallery

When: February 6–20, 2012

In the words of the artist, Jack Leamy, “These portraits are culled from death mask archives of American statesmen that I have painted on asphalt. The asphalt becomes spatial like a starry night and symbolizes the road behind us and beyond us; it is the slate of memory and destination. The challenge is to breathe life into these literal headstones, these death masks. Like the ghost of Hamlet’s father come back to enlighten us, these portraits are intended as warnings. These American fathers are made into living indictments questioning the state of our union and individual socio/political accountability.”

Jack Leamy was born and raised in a factory town in rural Massachusetts. He earned his BFA from Pratt Institute and his MFA in 2010 from the San Francisco Art Institute where he received the Irene Pijoan Memorial Painting Award. Jack is also the recipient of the prestigious Tournesol Award for 2010/2011. He has exhibited his artwork in Massachusetts, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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