Legendeer Symposium, May 29–31, 2015


Legendeer California is a weekend symposium in San Francisco, and a week-long camping and hiking Expedition in Yosemite National Park, focusing on the vital connection between your life, your ideas, your health, and your creative practice.

Led by a diverse lineup of creative leaders who live passionately and believe in the power of personal voice and authorship over their creative life, each day will be structured to allow the speakers to best convey their respective insights, and to allow for all participants to gain the most from directly interacting with the faculty and their peers, and to engage with their own ideas, processes and goals.

Performances and live painting will bring you as close as you can get to being in the artists’ studios. Evening activities include trips into San Francisco to put the principles into action, to connect with the creative community, and to leave all participants exhausted and inspired.

Your ticket to The Legendeer California Symposium at SOMArts will provide access to engaging lectures, panel discussions, demonstrations, breakout sessions, and industry insight into creative processes used in the authoring of content, intellectual property, personal voice, ideation, and the shaping of creative lives. A world-class line-up of commercial artists, photographers, creative directors, educators, poets, animators, filmakers, painters, innovators, and writers has been invited to share their stories.

For more information on how to register, a list of faculty and speakers, and more, visit: california.legendeer.org.

This event presented at SOMArts through participation in the Affordable Space Program, which provides below-market rental space, production and publicity assistance to nonprofit organizations. For more information visit our rentals page.