Live Stream: 100 Performances

On Saturday, January 4, 5:58pm–midnight, you can watch 100 Performances For the Hole remotely on this page. Performances will be streamed live from the SOMArts Main Gallery if they are content safe for broadcast standards. If a live performance does not meet BAVC’s broadcast standards, we will cut away to a title card or footage from a performance at a previous iteration of this event.

100 Performances For the Hole features 100 performance artists and groups making two-minute performances back-to-back-to-back all night long as a barometer of the artistic underground. Mayhem and magic fill this evening making it a must-see crowd-pleaser and a veritable hive of creative activity.

Click here to download a PDF schedule (subject to change) of the evening’s performances.

You can support a thriving art center in showcasing the work of a broad spectrum of performing artists by donating today. A gift of any size is appreciated and helpful.

As part of an ongoing partnership between SOMArts and Bay Area Video Coalition, several SOMArts’ events each year are broadcast live on San Francisco’s public access station SF Commons (Comcast Channel 76, Astound Channel 30) and stream online here.