Loves Comes in All Sizes

You could give us the best Valentine of all and make a donation of any amount:
  • $10 Crush-status
  • $20 Total Sweetheart
  • $100 Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
  • $500 Kiss me on the lips!
  • $1,000 Together Forever

Is offline more your style? Find mailing instructions here.

If you’ve got no money honey, there are plenty of other ways to help:

Whether you’re a skilled designer, photographer, office administrator, bartender or seamstress, or have a nice smile to greet visitors at the door, we have a job for you. We wouldn’t be able to do it without volunteer support. Get involved by emailing

We need things like shelving, space heaters, colorful tablecloths, art supplies, and AV equipment or cool items for an auction. Chances are, if it isn’t a tchotchke we can probably put it to good use. If you have something you think we might be able to use, email

Positive quotes from you help us communicate our value, and we use these on our website and even in grant applications. Other feedback from you helps us serve you better. Tell us anything by emailing It also helps us out when you tell your friends about us, offline and online, such as on Facebook, Twitter, or Yelp.