Make It Move: A GIF Talk & Creation Workshop

What: Make It Move: A GIF Talk & Creation Workshop

When: Thursday, August 15, 6–9pm, performance at 6:30pm, talk at 7pm, workshop at 8pm

Where: 934 Brannan St. (between 8th & 9th)

How Much: Free admission

The closing event for group exhibition Electronic Pacific hones in on animation across time, culture and application through an artist talk and workshop featuring three GIF geniuses: artist and educator Victoria Scott, popular local blogger Don Wu of Whilst in SF and writer and exhibiting artist An Xiao. The evening also includes a performance by exhibiting artist Lynn Marie Kirby.

The schedule for the evening is as follows:

Exhibition Viewing & Performance, 6–7pm
Lynn Marie Kirby, whose current work utilizes salt, language and the gaps in understanding created at the limits of technologically driven communications, offers a 6:30pm performance activating the installation “Crystalline World” that explores systems and forms of translation and exchange. For Kirby, salt references an economy transitioning from one based locally to one that is global. The harvesting of this material traces a trajectory in our Bay Area landscape and California history, and mirrors a national trend of increased outsourcing, here largely to Chinese mines. In this performance, Kirby layers her material with visual and performed language. She plumbs communication technologies to locate and re-frame these temporal and linguistic gaps.

GIF Artist Talk, 7–8pm
Victoria Scott, artist, teacher and co-director of Upgrade! SF discusses the art, technology and history of the GIF as a contemporary populist form of animation. Exhibiting artist An Xiao, who draws ties between the movement and storytelling in the Lascaux cave paintings and the GIF, live-streams from Los Angeles to present on the incredible history of humans animating the animals around them as she takes the audience on a tour of her favorite internet GIFs and discusses their importance. Don Wu, creator of Whilst in SF, discusses his use of the GIF in the realm of local storytelling and blogging.

GIF Creation Workshop, 8–9pm
Don Wu teaches the audience how to make GIFs on your mobile phone or computer. Bring your own smart phone or laptop, WIFI provided.


About Lynn Marie Kirby
Lynn is occupied with questions of place, the residue of history, and liminal states. She is engaged with seeing through different systems, some visible and others virtual or  hidden. Her practice depends on improvisation and collaboration, accidents that make her jump, and forms of contemplation. Lynn is committed to the ephemeral and the time based and how technologies are used as extensions of perception to capture the flow of time.  Lynn’s work has shown at museums, festivals and galleries around the world, some  famous; generous foundations have given her money. Tuning to the sounds of sites has recently taken Lynn for projects to Beijing, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Reykjavik. Her home base is San Francisco where she is a professor at the California College of the Arts.

About Victoria Scott
Victoria Scott is a visual artist and sculptor. Her recent projects include constructing material representations of conceptual objects that exist in simulated digital environments and in the space of imagination. Her process involves working between the mediums of 3D electronic media and 2D physical materials to create site-specific installations, sculptures and multiples.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Victoria graduated from the New Media/Photo Electric Arts Dept., at The Ontario College of Art. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago within the Art and Technology Department and completed her MFA in 2005. She has exhibited widely at galleries and museums throughout North America and Europe, including the Centro Nacional de las Artes (Mexico City), San Jose Museum of Art (California), the University of Toronto Art Centre (Canada), Kasia Kay Art Projects (Chicago), Galleri Enkehuset (Stockholm), and the 2010 01SJ Biennial (San Jose).

Project commissions include the San Jose Museum of Art (2010), Zer01 Art and Technology Network (2010) and (2007). She is the recipient of several grants from both the Canadian and Ontario Arts Councils. Victoria has taught at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The California College of the Arts and San Francisco State University. She lives and works in San Francisco.

About Don Wu
Don is a Cow Hollow native-in-denial. He has lived in SF for almost two years (read: transplant) and loves making people laugh. He got started on a whim one night after catching the .gif + situation fever. He works in South Bay and is a frequent user of the MUNI and BART.

About An Xiao
An Xiao is an artist, designer, writer and technologist. Her overall interest is looking at and shaping how we use technology in creative and surprising ways to build communities and express ourselves socially and politically, in both local and global contexts. She takes a multidisciplinary approach, engaging in this area through research and writing, social media art and photography, and design and design strategy. Curator Herb Tam once called her a “poet-ethnographer”, which sounds about right to her.

She is currently working with Jason Li to found The Civic Beat, a new platform to tell the world’s stories through internet culture. She is a graduate researcher at Art Center College of Design’s Media Design Practices program, partnered with UNICEF Uganda and the award-winning Designmatters. Her time there is partially supported by a grant from Intel’s Vibrant Data project. She works part-time as a designer and product lead at Meedan, where they are building a social translation platform for social media. And because she has too much free time, she also writes, lectures and consults. Her next public talk is at TEDGlobal 2013 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Pictured above: GIF by artist Kevin Parry via, interactive installation by An Xiao featuring “Bluetoof” image CC-BY Matt Matt Stratton