Makers, Music & Mimosas 2015

Please note: this event is SOLD OUT! If you’d like to attend, please sign up for the waitlist on Eventbrite and we will notify you if a spot becomes available on a first-come, first-served basis. We will also maintain the waitlist at the door on the day of the show. Whether you make it into the workshops or not, all are invited to the musical performances by Le VICE, at approximately 1:15pm and 2:05pm.

Whether you fancy yourself a maker, artist or craftsperson, or have two left thumbs when it comes to creative production, you can try something new alongside some of the Bay Area’s most talented emerging artists. Join five “makers” exhibiting in The San Francisco Foundation & SOMArts Annual Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition for a free-to-attend afternoon of artist-led creative workshops and live music.

Le VICE will provide live music during the event, helping you get in the zone to learn something new. Straight from their band bio: “Imagine fix wheeled bicycles chained to a yacht, dirty Chuck Taylor’s and Dom Perignon, Hip Hop and R&B with a hipster twist.” If that doesn’t get you curious enough, you can check out their music here.

Regardless of your skill level, the only prerequisite is that you bring to the worktable a sense of adventure—you’ll find out your two workshop assignments when you arrive. We’ll try to honor at least one of your preferences. They say orange is the color of creativity, so mimosas will be served by a cash bar.


Naming the Silence Sarah Farahat
Artist Sarah Farahat facilitates participants in collaborative dialogue and exchange involving current events. Race and politics intersect with poetics in this hands-on workshop.

Exploring Body Paint with Andrea Nicolette Gonzales
Exploring Body Paint is a workshop that teaches the foundations of body painting. This class will also give a survey of body painting throughout history, show different types of body art, and teach how to transform the human body into a living canvas.

Stained with Sarah Lee
Like a stain, tradition never fully leaves a person. It is still carried in our blood and memory. Tradition is still a part of you, no matter how much you bleach out that stain; it will come back to remind you that it was and still remains there. Materials to be used in this workshop are sumi ink, rice paper, and calligraphy brushes. Calligraphy is a form of traditional art that uses sumi ink to stain rice paper full of context and meaning. Learn sumi ink painting techniques in a contemporary setting while breaking tradition, but at the same time keeping those traditional values in mind.

Wire Working with Becca Levine
Explore varying methods of working with wire by taking an unconventional approach to needlepoint, weaving, and crochet. All experience levels welcome.

Dissembling and Reassembling the Overlooked with Leah Virsik
Deconstruct a small second-hand clothing accessory and reconstruct it using safety pins or a needle and thread. By removing the original function of the object, the material becomes primary and the act of manipulation creates an opportunity for new possibilities.


Here’s the full order of operations:

Step 1 (right now!): Register on EventBrite. Make yourself a note to arrive by 12pm on the day of the event to be guaranteed a schedule.

Step 2 (by 12pm): Check-in to the SOMArts lobby to receive your two workshop assignments, chosen at random. If your workshops don’t appeal to you, do what you were never allowed to do in school: grab a drink & swap schedules socially with other students before the bell rings. Also, spend some time with the art in the gallery!

Step 3 (12:30pm): The bell rings for the first of two 30 minute workshop sessions.

Step 4 (1:00pm): Following a short break for socializing and refreshments, enjoy live music in the gallery and check out the art exhibition.

Step 5 (1:45pm): The bell rings for the second 30 minute workshop session.

Step 6 (2:15pm): Workshops close, but the cash bar is open until 3pm for you to refresh your drinks, stroll through the gallery and enjoy a second set of live music.

The San Francisco Foundation & SOMArts Annual Murphy and Cadogan Art Awards Exhibition and related events are free to attend and take place at SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco, CA.

The Annual Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Awards Exhibition
September 3–26, 2015
Gallery hours: Tuesday–Friday, 12–7pm & Saturday, 12–5pm

Opening Reception & Awards Ceremony
Thursday, September 3, 6:30–9pm, ceremony at 7pm