From the Hill and Beyond, June 24–July 22

Malik Seneferu

What: From the Hill and Beyond, a solo exhibition by Malik Seneferu

When: June 24–July 22, 2013

Where: The Ramp Gallery, a community curated space at 934 Brannan St. (between 8th and 9th)

This ongoing series of paintings by Malik Seneferu employs African tribal imagery to reflect on and engage with ideas of origins and diaspora. Inspired by his own experience of leaving his native community in San Francisco’s Bayview/Hunter’s Point, where he began his career as a visual artist, “From the Hill and Beyond” is an amalgamation of celebrating native cultures and recognizing the displacement so often part of these cultures’ histories.

The masks, symbols of protection, reference Malik’s 1997 solitary trip to Africa, where he discovered a direct connection to the Kamba people of Machakos, in central Kenya. Seneferu draws the aesthetic inspiration for the bold and dramatic style of his work from the art of Kenya and Haiti. The geometric blocks of color often dominating the background of his paintings are allusions to land mass, as the bold lines lacerating and intersecting them symbolize migration and displacement.

About Malik Seneferu
Malik Seneferu is a self-taught painter and visual artist from the San Francisco’s Bayview/Hunter’s Point, currently based in Richmond, CA. He draws his inspiration for his art from his belief in forming a dialogue through his work, both with its viewers and with his ancestors, to “capture the black experience in America.” Seneferu explains, “The purpose of my compositions is to elevate the social, political, environmental and spiritual issues of people deeply challenged by oppression.” His other mediums include dry water-based paints, oil pastels, ink pen, assemblage of found objects, portraiture, book illustrations and public art. This series of paintings began in the spring of 2009 for a show at the Bayview Opera House. Despite having no formal training, Malik’s work has been published and featured in art galleries and other arenas across the world, including San Francsico’s MoAD.

Meet the Artist
Malik Seneferu will be at SOMArts on Thursday, July 11 from 6–9 PM. Visit The Ramp for a chance to meet Malik, talk about his travels and inspiration, have a drink and enjoy his vibrant paintings! While you’re here, stop by the opening reception of our main gallery exhibition, Electronic Pacific. Bar with drinks to purchase will be open all evening.

Malik Seneferu

About The Ramp Gallery
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Images above courtesy of Malik Seneferu