Artist Interview: Malik Seneferu


How did you curate the pieces in your altar? How did you decide which to include and how to include them?
There’s an ecliptic energy that I wanted to project. In this shrine I had the energetic force I wanted to bring to the space, so I opened myself to the space and the living forces in the space communicated with me about it and then I took it from there.

How did you construct these pieces? How did you collect the materials that you used?
I constructed them from materials that I would find in front of houses that were dilapidated. I would take pieces and parts of the home, those things that were discarded, take them as memories and turn them into art.

What is the single most important take-away that you want viewers to get from your altar? Either visually or conceptually.
I would want them to take away the concept of being creative. That creativity is something we all need, you know? I would like them to take away that if we as humans depend upon on our future, our future depends upon us to create.

What is the significance of Maya Angelou & Bernice Bing to your project? Why did you choose these two figures?
They were giants. They were giants of the city. You know? Maya Angelou was one of MUNI’s first bus drivers. Bernice is one of the founders of SOMArts.

Art by Malik Seneferu, photo by Jeremy Moffett