“Emerging Artists 101″ From the Coffee Shop to the Solo Show, Tuesday, January 27


Emerging Artists 101 is an interactive workshop designed for anyone looking to get started with selling their artwork in any form. Time tested techniques from a peer perspective will set you on the path to making your art work for you.

So I made a few paintings, now what? How do I sell them? How do I show them in a coffee shop? How can I get my work into a gallery? How do I take pictures of my art? How do I promote my work? How do I approach dealers, gallery owners, and curators? Should I sign my work? How much should I charge for my work? Do I have to pay attention to the business side of art?

In this workshop we will cover all of these questions and more. This workshop is meant to give emerging artists an idea of where to get started. It is easier than you think…so let’s get together and make this work for you! Please RSVP on EventBrite.

About the Presenter:
Joshua Coffy is an artist living and working in San Francisco.  His paintings are inspired by nature, environmental themes, and juxtaposing human conventions with birds and mammals.  Joshua has participated in ArtSpan’s workshops in the past as a presenter for DIY Marketing tactics. Joshua has shown in many galleries in San Francisco and Oakland and enjoys all aspects of being an artist.

About the Workshop Series:
ArtSpan presents monthly 90-minute workshops designed to sharpen business and financial literacy for professional artists, prepare artists for exhibiting work inside and outside the studio, and encourage community between fellow artists and the public. Through these community events ArtSpan creates a platform for artists to thrive, fostering a Bay Area that values the arts.

The Make Art Your Business series is presented at SOMArts through participation in the Affordable Space Program, which provides below-market rental space, production and publicity assistance to nonprofit organizations. For more information visit our rentals page.

Presenter Joshua Coffy pictured, photo by Michael Cuffe